NYSC AAUP Fall 2020 Business Meeting and Conference Agenda & Registration

Business Meeting & Conference Schedule

Friday (10/23) Business Meeting (12:00-5:30pm): This meeting is open only to AAUP members in good standing and you must pre-register.

Saturday (10/24) Morning Program (9:00am-noon):

9:00-10:45am – Caprice Lawless, Co-President of AAUP Colorado Conference & ‘Organizer Extraordinaire’

  • “Organizing in the ‘Non-Community’ College and University Environment”: Do you want to learn how to raise eyebrows, turn heads, change minds, snag headlines, and dog administrators? See how you can turn your administration’s messes into organizing gold. Take a look at our Adjunct Survival Workshops, Adjunct Faculty Flu-Shot Voucher program, our cathartic year-end Damn It! Summit, and fun AAUP Halloween Scrabble games. Think of how a Best Worst Story about Work helps organize faculty. Take a peek at The Adjunct Cookbook, the Adjunct Coloring Book, the AAUP Flash Cards, and The Adjunct Index, then think how you might use them to build awareness about your academic issues and to build your AAUP chapter.

10:45-11:30am – David Kociemba, AAUP East Coast Organizer
11:30am-12:00pm – Q & A

  •  “Creating Effective Remote Organizing Campaigns”: The pandemic has brought new urgency to organizing, but it has also brought new challenges. East Coast Organizer David Kociemba will survey the ways that many AAUP chapters have risen to the occasion with creative new twists on fundamental organizing techniques and strategies.

Saturday (10/24) Afternoon Program (1:00-3:00pm):

1:00-2:30pm – Panel: “HEADS UP! Race and Racism in Higher Education” (Opening Video Remarks: Shawn Harper, Executive Director, USC Race and Equity Center)
2:30-3:00pm – Q & A

Panelists: Jackie Orr (Syracuse University), Bushra Naqi (#NotAgainSU), Aicha Sacko (#NotAgainSU), Senator Rachel May, CarolAnn Daniel (Adelphi University), Brooks Frederick (Adelphi University), Ángel L. Martínez (Bronx Community College/CUNY, NYSC AAUP), Cheryl McBride (Nassau Community College, NYSC AAUP)


Caprice Lawless: Caprice Lawless is Co-President of the AAUP Colorado Conference. She began organizing the AAUP chapters of the CCCS (the13-college Colorado Community College System) in 2013. When she’s not packaging Vitamin AAUP, covering tissue boxes with the latest Adjunct Index, or making misfortune cookies for the next AAUP confab, or pushing the next equal-pay-for-equal-work bill, she is teaching rhetoric and writing at Front Range Community College. In her unspare time she manages people, property, pets, and problems at the home she has turned into an apartment building to make ends meet.

David Kociemba: David Kociemba is an East Coast Organizer for the American Association of University Professors, working to help faculty organize new chapters and strengthen existing AAUP chapters so as to foster shared governance, protect professional standards, and ensure fair compensation. Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions. He formerly served the president of the Affiliated Faculty of Emerson College AAUP union and as a member of the faculty organizing and negotiating committees for SEIU’s adjunct faculty union at Boston University. David’s scholarship and teaching was in various sub-fields of media studies and disability studies.

Jackie Orr: Jackie Orr teaches and writes in the fields of cultural politics and performance, critical technoscience studies, and contemporary theory. She is an associate professor of sociology at Syracuse University, and received her Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 1999. For over two decades she has experimented with performance-based methods for remaking public memory and insurgent knowledges. Her most recent live digital performance, Slow Disaster at the Digital Edge, has been presented at the University of Chicago, Goldsmiths, Stanford University, and the Rhode Island School of Design. In 2017, she was named the Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor of Teaching Excellence at Syracuse University. In Queens, NY, her home, she works with Rise and Resist and Jackson Heights Immigrant Solidarity Network to collectively oppose the rise of authoritarian and white nationalist US politics. She is a member of Democratizing Knowledge at SU, and member-at-large of the Executive Committee of the SU-AAUP.

Bushra Naqi: Bushra Naqi is a sophomore double-majoring in public relations and psychology. She is from New York City. Bushra is a writer, poet, sailor, and activist. She has been a #NotAgainSU organizer since November 2019 and she became involved because of her strong commitment to ending racial discrimination at SU towards Black students.

Aicha Sacko: Aicha Sacko is a sophomore student at Syracuse University, hoping to major in Broadcast And Digital Journalism in the spring of 2021. She was born and raised in New York city but both of her parents migrated from Mali, which is the west side of Africa, to America. She is a student/ local activist, journalist, and fashion designer. Aicha Sacko is the youth ambassador for the Know Your Rights Camp with Colin Kaepernick and Nessa Diab, where she travels to different urban cities to teach young Black and brown kids about how to interact with law enforcement, entrepreneurship, advanced education, and more. She was also part of an organization called the Lower East Side Girls Club, where she advocated for the liberation of Black community, gun control, and women’s rights. Aicha became a #NotAgainSU organizer in the fall of 2020 because of her dedication to an inclusive environment for her community as well as a safe environment for all students.

Senator Rachel May: Senator May represents Central New York’s 53rd District, which includes most of the City of Syracuse, parts of Onondaga and Oneida counties, and all of Madison County. She chairs the Senate Committee on Aging and the Legislative Commission on Rural Resources, and is a member of the committees on agriculture, elections, environmental conservation, higher education, and Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation. She has worked hard to bring the people of Central New York into the process of decision-making in Albany, by holding a record number of legislative hearings in and focused on the region, including hearings on the Climate Leadership and Community Preservation Act, rural broadband, farm labor rights, health care for all, and upstate nursing home issues during the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, she has brought her downstate colleagues to Central New York for roundtables on opioid addiction treatment and prevention, minority and women-owned businesses, and childcare and child welfare. Senator May, who is a resident of Syracuse, had a successful career in higher education prior to running for public office. She started out as a professor of Russian language and literature at Stony Brook University, where she was a proud member of UUP, before earning tenure at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.

CarolAnn Daniel: CarolAnn Daniel is a professor of social policy at Adelphi University. Her research and training focus on race, racism, organizational change and readiness for diversity, equity, and inclusion and HIV/STI from a critical and intersectional perspective.  Dr, Daniel has also served as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Adelphi University where she helped to establish the Diversity certificate program, the faculty of color network and the Adelphi international immigration film festival. She also oversaw the Diversity Certificate High School Partnership Program.  Dr, Daniel is currently the founding Chair of the North East Chapter of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education. She holds a Ph. D in Social Welfare Policy and Administration from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

Brooks Frederick: Brooks Frederick is a visual artist and adjunct professor at Adelphi University. He is an active member of U.E.R. (United to End Racism), a global organization committed to helping individuals and communities unlearn the harmful messages of racism and internalized racism. He co-leads implicit bias and anti-racism workshops through the External Diversity Certificate Program at AU. Brooks is the creator of the peer leadership program at Adelphi that supports the voices of teen artists as they develop leadership on liberation issues.

Ángel L. Martínez: Ángel L. Martínez is an Adjunct Assistant Professor, Political Science, at Bronx Community College and an Adjunct Assistant Professor, Puerto Rican & Latino Studies, Hunter College. He is also the Chair of the NYS AAUP Conference on Contingent Academic Labor and a delegate in Professional Staff Congress of CUNY. Dr. Martínez will talk about the connection between racism and adjunctification. Black, Brown and Indigenous academic workers are overrepresented in the ranks of contingent faculty. This has profound implications for being part of precarious labor force and, in the case of nationally oppressed peoples, for being locked out of teaching and research opportunities, and for not always being able to let students of color see faculty who are like them. He will focus on ways that adjuncts can use their strengths to fight against racism and for their rights.

Cheryl McBride: Cheryl McBride is currently an Associate Professor in the Art Department at Nassau Community College located in Garden City New York. Cheryl is also the current president of the Nassau Community College Advocacy chapter of AAUP. She is also Chair of the NYSC AAUP Committee on the Status of Minorities in the Academic Profession. Cheryl will highlight SUNY’s PRODiG program (“Promoting Recruitment, Opportunity, Diversity, Inclusion and Growth”). She will also share her artwork/data which is based on the racial inequities in higher education.