On Saturday, May 14th the NYSC AAUP will host “How and Why to Publish a Go-To Guide” with  Caprice Lawless, “the driving force behind The Adjunct Cookbook, The Adjunct Coloring Book, The Adjunct’s Guide, and the AAUP Flash Cards.” 

According to Caprice, “A DIY, go-to reference book might be just the tool you need to help keep your colleagues literally on the same page as you move your activism forward. Our (Colorado) Adjunct’s Guide has helped us keep the damning facts at our fingertips in faculty senate meetings, press conferences at the state Capitol, and whenever we need to write fiery editorials, e-mails, and tweets. Facts like these bust the myths that otherwise serve to keep us all gaslit.”

This event is open to AAUP members in NYS and is funded by the 2021 AAUP State Conference Development Grant. To register for the event go to https://forms.gle/XqFW1AKunhtyBPRG8. For additional information contact NYSC AAUP Executive Director Sally Dear-Healey at sdearhealeyaaup@gmail.com.