NYSC AAUP Fall 2022 Meeting &  Conference

Friday, November 4 – Business Meeting
Saturday, November 5 – Conference

“The Mental Health Crisis and Higher Ed: Recognizing and Standing up for the
Needs of Faculty, Staff, and Students and Creating Opportunities for Positive Change”

(In our continuing efforts to help protect the health and well-being of our members,
and in hopes of including members who may not otherwise be able to attend,
the Fall 2022 NYSC AAUP Business Meeting and Conference will be held virtually)

NOTE RE: Friday Business Meeting

2:00 – 5:00 pm

We will be holding the Friday Business Meeting (virtually) on TBA from 2:00-5:00pm (EST).  This meeting is open to NYSC AAUP members in good standing. If you plan to attend the Business Meeting, please indicate that on the Registration Form and you will receive an Agenda and instructions for joining prior to the meeting.

Per the NYSC AAUP Constitution (ARTICLE V: Conference Meetings): 

There shall be spring and fall meetings of the Conference. The dates and location shall be determined by the Executive Council. The meetings shall be held concurrently with the fall and spring meetings of the Executive Council. Adequate notice of the meeting shall be given to all Conference members. The meetings shall consider all matters on the agenda of the Executive Council, but voting on those issues shall be limited to the members of the Executive Council, except for the following:

a) Consideration and approval of the budget at the fall meeting;
b) Election of the Election Committee at the spring meeting in a year in which an election is upcoming;
c) Amendments; and
d) Dues.


Contact for more information


Sally Dear-Healey
Executive Director