Dr. Laura Casamento, president of Utica University, made the official announcement of the name change on campus Thursday morning (2/17/22), although she broke the news in a letter to students and faulty on Wednesday. Casamento said there would not be a rise in tuition, and the new name would help with both recruitment and with graduates entering the workforce.

“We’re seeing generations of hard work come to fruition. This is what our founders ultimately intended. We’re a university and we are super proud of it.”

Casamento continued, “This day is not about a name change. It represents the culmination of decades-long commitment to strategic growth, academic excellence through innovative programs and curricula, and an unwavering belief in providing incredible, life-changing opportunities to all students through higher education.”

When asked if the new name will lead to a raise in tuition costs, Casamento firmly denied any such blow to student pocketbooks.

“Nothing about how we’re operating today changes, as far as the financial model,” the president stated.

Full article: Utica College now Utica University | Rome Daily Sentinel (romesentinel.com)